Friday, December 19, 2008

Web Design and MySpace Design, What’s the Difference?

The biggest difference between a web site design and a MySpace Design is that a MySpace Design is used for social media and is more for SEO, search engine optimization and Internet Marketing versus being the front door of your business.

If you think of your web site design as the front door of your business, your MySpace page is your radio or newspaper advertisement. You’re virtually advertising your business in your social media network, adding specials and deals on a daily or weekly basis. It’s a great way to get news out there about your business.

The biggest difference in the design aspect of a MySpace page is that the MySpace page is a template that you add CSS, a cascading style sheet too. And a good MySpace designer will keep branding in mind and design your MySpace page to flow with your Web site design as well as your business if it’s brick and mortar. Branding is very important and you want to make your visitors feel like they are at home.

You can also reap the benefits of a MySpace page by using it as your blog. You can link to your site and provide valuable information to your customers and help to increase the page rank of your site all at the same time. If you have a web site, you should really consider using social media as a viable tool to helping your business to grow.

Web design and MySpace Design go hand in hand, like peanut butter and chocolate! They both taste great alone, but together they are divine! For more information on web design or web copywriting, please contact BLaST creative today!
A few MySpace pages designed by BLaST Creative include:

Tarantino Pizza

Mamacita's Cafe

BLaST creative

Papis Grill

Meredith Haberfeld Coaching

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