Thursday, August 27, 2009

Writing Articles for SEO

There has been much speculation about writing articles for SEO or search engine optimization. Writing articles is a GREAT way to get backlinks and drive traffic to your site.

There are a couple of ways that you can utilize this marketing tool. The first is by creating a blog for your site. There is no better "EXPERT" about your business then you. Write what you KNOW!

You can also signup for numerous ezine accounts online. You can publish your articles their and add great backlinks to your site. Remember to use backlinks for every page of your site and not just the home page. Also remember that if you do have a blog that you are using, use backlinks on the blog as well.

One of the biggest things that I see happening with blogs and article submission is that people forget to fill in the little box that says "Keywords."
Keywords are important, this where you want your site and your articles listed under in the search engines. Don't leave this box empty!

If you have social networking accounts, most online ezines have direct feeds to these accounts so that your article can be posted directly to your Facebook, Twitter, etc accounts.

So create your accounts, design your blog and take a few moments to walk back through the backroads of your mind and WRITE what you KNOW!

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James Mann said...

I would suggest that you publish your articles on first as they check for duplicate content and won't publish it if they find it elsewhere.

So if you don't care to modify the article for each directory be sure you publish to EZ first and wait for approval. Then go ahead and publish it on other article directories.

It is much better to try and make them each unique though.

Rajesh said...

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Joel christ said...

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E. said...

I must say you have discussed some really good points that everyone should always be careful when writing an article to get some good backups for his/her site..Thanks for clearing the point so clearly..Good job.

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