Monday, June 9, 2008

BLaST Creative Web Design

Here are for more handy tips about web design from BLaST Creative.
A key element in web design are your headers, you want to get the attention of your visitors with killer headlines.

Think about it, when you are standing in line at the grocery store, what attracts you to all of those magazines? Isn’t it the killer headlines? You pick one up and skim through it, reading all of the headlines, deciding if you want to purchase it.

Well, the same is true with web sites. The majority of us scan websites, using headlines or what we in the design business call headers. Headers will help your visitors decide if they want to read what you have to say, purchase your products or go elsewhere. If you want your content to be read, you need to make sure that you use attention grabbing, descriptive headlines.

Your headers/headlines should tell about the contents on your web page and at the same time HOOK your visitors’ attention so that they want to read more. Try to say as much as you can using as few words as possible.

Another thing that you can do that will help your rankings with the search engines is to use keywords in your headlines. An important element about search engine optimization that you should know, is that search engines rank your pages by reading the text on your page, especially your HEADERS!

For more information about web design or seo services, contact BLaST Creative.

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