Monday, May 26, 2008

BLaST Creative Web Design

There are very few web sites if any in today’s market that don’t use images. And most commercial sites use images accompanied with FLASH.

I will even go as far as betting that there are waaay more images present on a typical website than you realize. Because HTML was created to share academic papers, anything more detailed on intense than simple text or a web even a web form has to use an image. At BLaST Creative Web Design, we’ve even used an image in place of text for the heading, because it provides us with more control over the fonts as well as positioning.

Even using some text can really be created into an image making it easier to use. Background images in a web page can be tiled or repeated horizontally, vertically or in both directions.

Next there are lists and what do you do with them? I imagine that you’ve used bullets points or numbers in your word documents and in web design this is similar.

There are three applications for lists in HTML:

• Unordered lists (bullet points)
• Ordered lists (numbered lists)
• Definition lists (used to define words or phrases like those found in a dictionary)

Lists can be helpful when you wish to group segments of data together visually. If the segments of data weren’t in any specific order, for example, a list of favorite websites, then you would use an unordered list. But, if the list were of your top ten favorite sites, then you’d use a numbered or ordered list.

Definition lists aren’t really used that much, but they can be great if your site has a glossary.

At BLaST Creative Web Design, we utilize lists to group together segments of data that are related, it makes more sense to group related information links into a list. However, for aesthetic reasons you may not always want your data to have bullet points.

This is where CSS can be quite helpful. Just because something appears in the HTML as a list, it doesn’t need to look like a set of bullet points. You can use CSS to style a list to look any way that you choose. You can use pictures or images in place of bullets or as bullets, you are only limited by your imagination, you can style you data to look any way that you’d like.

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