Saturday, March 20, 2010

More Tips for Choosing Your Social Media Name

Choosing your Social Media Moniker is harder than it sounds. You need a name that is broad enough to encompass all you do, yet narrow enough to properly serve your niche. Rushing out and picking a name without giving it careful thought can bring havoc on you later when you find that the name you’ve chosen is already being used, or otherwise no good. I’m writing this article to help you figure out the right name that will serve you long term.

- Choose a name no one else has.
- Choose a name that is no more than 12 characters.
- Don’t try to do too much with your name.
- Use your name if no one else has it.
- Check your name in Twitter, Digg, Facebook.
- Make sure the domain is available for your name in .com and .net.
- Get approval before you use trademark related names or concepts.
- Make your name stand out.
- Use a call to action if possible, ie: “getmoving”
- Use the thesaurus to look up words you want to use.
- Brainstorm different name ideas.

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Crise Brendan said...

Completely agree with you, social media name is always important, it should not be contain restrictive character, eg: country or city name, Google will restrict its searches for that particular city only.
There are plenty of rules need to think before selection domain name.
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