Thursday, July 22, 2010

Social Media for Small to Medium Size Business From Blast creative and Brenda Segna

Social Media Marketing is one of the most valuable tools for small to Medium size businesses. If you aren’t taking advantage of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, then you could be losing sales, potential clients/customers.

Your business needs to be where the people are at and the people are on Facebook and Twitter. According to, Facebook is predicting that their 500 millionth member will join next week. That’s 500 million people that you have an opportunity to network with and market too!

Did you know that you can design your Facebook business page as well as your Twitter page to stay consistent with your brand? It’s true, you can run contests on Facebook, have an enewsletter signup, have an rss feed for your blog, have a shopping cart; the possibilities are endless!

If you are wanting to implement Social Media Marketing for your business, then contact Blast creative and Brenda Segna today! We can assist you with all of your marketing needs as well as design your Facebook and Twitter pages! Take your business to where the people are and let us help your business/network grow!


Samual said...

Its a wonderful Blog.Social media channels are well-suited for today’s Multicultural Marketing because they make it easier to adjust or revise strategies and appropriately micro-target within diverse communities.

Brenda said...

Great article!

Authentic Imaging said...

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aparna john said...

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jennifer auston said...

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