Sunday, April 27, 2008

BLaST Creative SEO Services and SEO Copywriting

One of the first things that you probably notice when you visit a website is that there are lots of words on them that are used for navigation, in logos and as headlines. BLaST Creative SEO copywriting is the name of the game when it comes to forming web site content like product descriptions, blogs and article marketing.

Content Is The Name of The Game

For any website the content is the most important aspect of the site by far. For a news website, it's not only important to have a great design, but people go there to read the articles, so content is key. A car dealership, people want to see cars, but they also want to read content about the dealership and their philosophy. If your site is not up to snuff, your site will struggle to get visitors back.

If a customer comes to your site to read an article or a product description,it's important that they can read the copy easily. Use a reasonable size font on a plain or a light colored background. This will also make your pages easier to print.

BLaST Creative Copywriting Headings

Headings help your visitors scan a web page to decide if they want to read your body content. You need to split the content in to manageable sections and can be used by blind people using screen readers to navigate the web pages. Headings, if used correctly, also help search engines to index your web page.

How XHTML Handles Headings

In a printed document, like a newspaper or brochure, you can use headings whenever you feel like it. However, since web pages are written using XHTML you have to use them in a certain way.

XHTML has six levels of headings. The main page heading uses an h1 and should be near the top of the page. There are then five levels of subheadings from h2 to h6.

Remember headings are used to help the reader scan the page. Each sub-heading should break the page down into smaller sections of information.

If your page is "BLaST Creative Web Design", that should be your main heading (h1). You could then have (h2) sub headings on Search Engine Marketing, Web Site Design, Logo Design, and Graphic and Web Design and (h3) on another section that you want to break down the copy.

Each time you're breaking the page into smaller, more specific sections. So, if your visitors want to go straight to your portfolio, they can with one click without having to read all of your BLaST Creative content.


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